God is Ready to Answer Your Prayers


Praying Scripture Prayers Can Revitalize Your Prayer life --

as you believe every one of God's Words -- then pray His words back to Him.

Does This Sound Familiar?

Do you pray so little,
so poorly,
and not very often?

Do your prayers often slip into repeated phrases?

Are you soon at a loss for words?

Is your prayer life lean and discouraging?

Yet, on a consistent basis, you want to pour out your love to the LORD, and intercede for family members and for others.

Books on prayer tell us why we need to pray. They say if we are too busy to pray, we are too busy. And they inspire us with amazing answers to prayer.

But all too soon after reading them, are you like me? Do you fall back into your unwanted routine of praying so little?

This book is a follow up to those books on prayer. It is a book of prayers based on Scripture.

Scripture-based prayers can put into words the love we have in our hearts for the Lord, and can help us:
  • express our deepest longings
  • express the very longings God wants to fulfill.

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ISBN-10: 1412077354


Book Release:
Praying Through the New Testament

  • 52 pages of Scripture-Based Requests, Prayers and Thanksgiving -- to pray for yourself, and
  • 52 pages of INTERCESSION Prayers from the same portion -- to pray for others
Description: 154 pages, 6" x 9"

Sample Pages:

The Left-Side of the book are prayers for yourself (REQUESTS, PRAYERS & THANKSGIVING). The Right-Side of the book, from the same portion, are prayers for others (INTERCESSION). This book also includes the prayer, Praying Through to God...along with encouragement and guidelines.

This book leads you on a Spiritual Journey
and a Joy Adventure
as you Pray Through the New Testament.

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