Scripture Prayers


This powerful book of Scripture prayers will lead you to pray through the New Testament. This is Gladie's first book--a book of prayers based on Scripture.

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Book Description: Praying Through the New Testament


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Your prayer book is such an encouragement. It has helped me pray for myself and others in such a meaningful way. Thank you for writing this prayer book. --Mae M.

I led the prayer time during our elders' meeting and gave each elder a page-prayer from your book. We all took turns praying the prayers  aloud. Right away we were praying prayers from our hearts and it was a spirit-filled time. Your prayer book is not a book about prayer--it is a book of prayers that leads us to pray what God wants to answer. --Jedd R.

I use your prayer book every day to pray these Scripture prayers. I am also reading the passage from the Bible that goes along with the prayers. I take your prayer book with me whenever my husband and I travel. --Grace F.

Your prayer book is the best prayer book I have ever had, and I use it all the time. --Bev G.

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