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Experience More Joy in Your Prayer Life - Praying Bible Prayers

One way to GROW IN PRAYER is by praying Scripture -- praying Scripture for yourself, family, your marriage, children, and for those you don't even know.

Praying Scripture prayers can put into words the desires you have for the Lord, yourself, family and more.

Praying Scripture. Praying INTERCESSORY prayers for your family. See what happens in you and in your loved ones.

Praying Scripture - Discover the Joy of Praying God's Word Back to Him

Have you discovered the Joy of praying Scripture? of praying God's Word back to Him?
Praying Scripture provides the practical help and inspiration we all need to pray more consistently and effectively.

Praying Scripture is powerful prayer. Praying

this way can also fill you with more of God's
peace and joy, and give you faith building
confidence that God will do all He says He will do.

When Jesus died and rose again,
He went back to heaven
and is now praying for us.

What is Jesus praying?

Every word Jesus is praying lines up with Scripture.

He will use His powerful Word in our lives too as we pray it back to Him.
Scripture Prayer HandOuts
Praying for Others--
  Friends    Family Spouse           

    Youth Groups

University students

Bible College students
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in Sunday School

Discipleship Classes

The Bible expresses all God's desires for us and all His provision for us. By praying Scripture back to Him, we are asking God to do what He has already said He will do. "God's Word is full of living power...He sends it out...and it will prosper everywhere He sends it."  Hebrews 4:12; Isaiah 55:11 (NLT)

Praying Scripture is a helpful, powerful and refreshing way to affirm God's word, pray for yourself, for loved ones, and for those you don't even know. 
Scripture Praying HANDOUTS for Prayer Groups

Powerful Prayer for the Church Bulletin

Your entire congregation will pray and will learn about praying Bible prayers and seeing prayers answered. Praying Scripture Prayers will touch people's lives in wonderful ways.
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FEATURE ARTICLE   Reaching Out to God -
Our First Attempts at Prayer

As a child, we prayed before we fell asleep. When we gazed at the night sky, we felt close to God. We knew 'Somebody much bigger than me' had to be out there. We breathed a quick, trusting prayer to God whenever we were afraid. Later in life we might bargain with God. We find ourselves thinking and saying to God, "If You'll do that, I'll do this. If You'll get me out of this mess.... If You'll help me buy that perfect house in that neighborhood, I'll..."   Read More


How To Pray More
For My Children

One way to pray more for your family and others is by praying scripture, praying Bible Prayers.

 PRAYING  Scripture


Jesus wants us to believe every one of His words. He said, "People do not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God" (Matthew 4:4). As we believe His Word (His word as written in the Bible) we can pray it back to Him. This is praying Scripture, praying God's Word back to Him. Find More, Article, Praying Scriptures...



DOWNLOAD LEAFLET -- Praying Scripture
Salvation Prayer,
Praying Through to God

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Praying Through to God


for praying Scripture

Scripture Praying

Requests, Prayers and Thanksgiving


Discover Praying Scripture -- Praying Bible Prayers

This New Release — Praying Through the New Testament is not a book about prayer, it is a Book of Prayers based on Scripture.

Requests, Prayers and Thanksgiving


Reviews. Info. Find out more

BUY BOOK  This book will lead you in this  powerful way of praying the Scriptures.

It contains Scripture-based
- Requests, Prayers and Thanksgiving to pray for yourself; and
- INTERCESSSORY prayers for loved ones.

An amazing Joy Adventure awaits you as you Pray Through the New Testament. By Gladie Russell.   


Ways To Use
the Prayer Book,
Praying Through
the New Testament

Help Spread the Word About
Praying Through the
New Testament

Abundant Life

Jesus said, "The thief (the devil) comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that you may have Life, and have it to the full" (John 10:10).

Loving God and
His Word!

One vital way to love God is to love His Word. A way to have God's Word work in our lives is to pray it back to Him. What an exciting way to talk to God by praying scripture!

As we do,
we let it change us, and
we allow His Word to dwell in us greatly, and
we let it permeate our lives fully. Praying Scripture prayers will touch your life and many others.

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