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                         Salvation Prayers For Loved Ones

When you pray Scripture-based Salvation prayers for those
who do not yet know Jesus as their personal Savior,
you are praying God's Word into their lives.

Praying Scripture prayers can put into words the deep desires
you have for the LORD, and the longings you have for your loved ones.

As you pray for your friend, spouse, child, or for those you don't even know,
God can work in your life and through you as you pray Scripture prayers.

As you pray Scripture prayers something wonderful happens.
Your life is touched and is changed too.
God's Word speaks to you as you believe every one of His words
and pray them back to Him.

God says, He sends out His Word and
it will accomplish what He intends it to do.

As you pray Scripture-based prayers, you are praying God's will.
You are asking God to work in you, through you, and in those you hold dear.

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On our site, you will find many Scripture-based prayers to help you pray.



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Scripture-based Salvation Prayers for family, friends, co-workers, and those you don't even know.

God will do something in your life and in those you hold dear as you pray.

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Scripture Salvation Prayers

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You might also want to Download and print out a short Scripture-based Salvation prayer to give to those who do not yet know Jesus as their personal Savior.

 Praying Through to God


Praying Through to God



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