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Scripture Prayers for the Church Bulletin
Want to do something in your church that will also be exciting for your congregation?

Here it is:

Preach through the New Testament in one year!

Choose a topic to preach on within each five chapter segment of the New Testament. (In 52 weeks, you will cover the entire New Testament).

In addition, each Sunday place a page of Scripture-based prayers in the bulletin from within these five chapters that you preach.

When my pastor-husband announced this plan to the congregation, excitement mounted.  Almost everyone embarked.

We found people were praying the page of prayers in the church bulletin before the service began and taking the bulletin home and praying the prayers again during the week.

One lady commented, "I've saved all the bulletins so I can pray the prayers again and again.

God will do more and more in our churches as we pray.

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Pastors - Preach and Pray Through the New Testament

Encourage your Congregation to Pray More  No.2

Place Scripture Prayers in the Church Bulletin

Scripture prayers can put into words the deep desires we have for the LORD, and the longings we have for ourselves and for others.

As we pray, God works in us and changes us. We are also involved in the larger picture of what He is doing. We are reaching out and touching other lives for Him.  

It is amazing what God does as we pray.

God says He sends out His Word and it will accomplish what He intends it to do.

Sample Church Bulletin Prayer Insert

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Scripture Prayer Church Bulletin Inserts

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