God is Ready to Answer Your Prayers


Place Scripture Prayers
in the Church Bulletin No. 2


Do you want to
encourage your congregation
to read the Bible more -- and
to pray more?


PREACH and PRAY Through the New Testament
in One Year!

Helpful Guidelines:
Announce to your congregation that,
  • You plan to preach through the entire New Testament in One Year!
  • Mention that there are 260 chapters in the New Testament. If they read FIVE chapters a week, they will read it in One Year!
Announce that each week,
  • You will choose one passage to preach from, that is in those FIVE Chapters.
  • That each week, Scripture-based prayers will be inserted in the Church Bulletin from those FIVE Chapters. Encourage people to pray the prayers during the week. (Some people will pray the prayers while waiting for the church service to begin...and this will affect what God does during the service).
Watch the Results!
  • Excitement mounts.

     As a Pastor,

  • You will know from week to week where you will preach (within the next FIVE Chapters).
  • Your sermons will touch on a variety of topics during the year.
  • God will bless as you preach ...as everyone listens to, applies God's Word, and prays together as a congregation.

     As a Congregation,

  • People will benefit from a survey of the New Testament.
  • A high percentage of people will embark on Reading Through the New Testament.
  • People will be helped and inspired to Pray Through the New Testament.

Scripture-based prayers (to pray through the New Testament) are available in PDF form, ready to download and insert or embed into your bulletin.

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