God is Ready to Answer Your Prayers



Praying Scripture Church Bulletin Inserts

The church bulletin is an important communication tool.

People often read the bulletin while they wait for the service to begin.

One excellent way to encourage your entire congregation to pray is to place these Scripture-based prayers in the church bulletin.

These prayers will
  • help people pray
  • prepare them to praise and worship and
  • open their hearts to hear God's Word.

Sometimes people attend church, but they really don't know God in a personal way. God can speak to them as they read (pray) the prayers.

For more description of what happened when we used these Scripture-Based prayers, Pastor's Corner Church Bulletin Prayer Inserts


These 52 one-page Scripture prayers are ready to embed or manually insert into your church bulletin.

See Sample Church Bulletin Insert Page

The prayers are specific.

We found people prayed these prayers before the church service, then took the bulletin home and prayed the prayers during the week.

At the end of the year, one lady said, "I've saved all the bulletins so I can pray the prayers again and again."

These 52 prayers lead people to Pray Through the New Testament. People will learn how to pray Scripture by praying Scripture-based prayers.

After you download it, use it in your local church.

Tell your friends about it
so they can download it too.



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