God is Ready to Answer Your Prayers


      Praying Scripture Handouts for Prayer Groups

Whether you pray Scripture prayers in your own quiet time with the LORD,
or with others in a group, Scripture-based prayers can put into words
the deep desires you have for the LORD, and the longings you have
for yourself and others.

As you pray God's Word into your life and into the lives of others,
God does something.

His Word comes alive in you as you believe every one of His Words,
then pray them back to Him.

He changes you and does His work in you and in others.

It is amazing what happens when we pray! God says He sends out His Word
and it will accomplish what He intends it to do.

Pray with Thanksgiving in your heart and watch and see what God does
in you and in others...as you pray.


The Scripture based Prayer HandOut is part of the book,
Praying Through the New Testament

The Download HandOut is attractively formatted ready to print out.

It contains 10 pages of Scripture-based prayers.

It consists of 5 pages of Scripture prayers to pray for yourself

5 pages of Scripture prayers to pray for others (INTERCESSION). 

These prayers are for women to pray,
for men and fathers to pray, and prayers
for young adults and teens to pray.

God will do something in your life and in those around you as you pray.

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