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Praying Scripture Prayers
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God’s Word is His will. His Word is full of living power. It is active, and it will accomplish whatever God sends it out to do. When we pray God's Word back to Him, we are agreeing with God.

This is a wonderful way to pray. It can keep us focused in our praying, build up our faith, and lead us to worship the Lord.

Praying the Scripture can put into words the deep desires we carry in our hearts for God, ourselves, and for others. Pray this way alone -- or in a prayer group. Some people may find it a helpful way to begin praying aloud with others.

I have put together a Prayer Handout Sheet Download.

It consists of a prayer portion of the book, Praying Through the New Testament (5 pages of REQUESTS, PRAYERS & THANKSGIVING, and 5 pages of INTERCESSION prayers). NOTE: Buy my book, Praying Through the New Testament, and have all 104 page prayers (Total of
52 pages of REQUESTS, PRAYERS & THANKSGIVING, and 52 pages of INTERCESSION prayers).

Praying Scripture-based prayers provide the help and inspiration we all need to pray more consistently and effectively, and teach us how to pray God's Word back to Him.

After you download the Prayer Handout, print as many copies as you like for your own use, or if you are a church, within your local church.

Do you meet with others for Bible study and prayer? Would you like to hold a Place of Prayer Gathering? Included in the Download is a Sample outline of a ‘Place of Prayer' Gathering. Find out more...Click the Preview Sample below. 'Place of Prayer' Outline.

Immediate Download: 10 Pages of Prayers

Details: 6" x 9"


5 pages of Requests, Prayers & Thanksgiving Prayers
5 pages of INTERCESSION Prayers

Print the Download Back to Back
Requests, Prayers & Thanksgiving ON ONE SIDE.

Some Ways to Use HandOut
These Scripture Prayer HandOuts could be used in a Prayer Group in your home, in a planning meeting in your church, an Elders' Meeting, a fellowship meeting, or a Place of Prayer Gathering.

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