God is Ready to Answer Your Prayers


Praying Scripture Prayers For Children

As parents, day by day as you acknowledge that Jesus is LORD, and is LORD of your home--
and as you pray for your children,
God covers and shelters your home by His power, His rest, and His favor.

Sometimes your prayers may be quick calls, "Lord help! What do I do now?" And this is what God wants you to do--to rely on Him.

He also wants you to pray for your children on a consistent basis. One way is to pray His Word into their lives.

Praying Scripture prayers is an amazing way to pray for your children.

Scripture prayers can put into words the deep desires you have for the LORD, and the longings you have for yourself and for your children.

God wants to change your life too as you pray, and equip you, and enable you to parent your children with His love and strength. He wants you involved in what He is doing--affecting your children for eternity.

One way God does this is by prayer.

Praying Scripture prayers is a joyous, adventurous,
and powerful way to pray for your children.

God says He sends out His Word and it will accomplish what He intends it to do.

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On our site, you will find many Scripture-based prayers to help you pray.

The Scripture-based

Prayer HandOut is part of the book, Praying Through the New Testament.

This HandOut is attractively formatted ready to print out.

The Download contains
10 pages of Scripture-based prayers.

It is 5 pages of Scripture prayers - Requests, Prayers and Thanksgiving to pray for yourself and

5 pages of Scripture prayers to pray for others (INTERCESSION).

These prayers are for parents to pray, and prayers to pray God's Word into your children's lives.

God will do something in our lives and home as we pray.

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