God is Ready to Answer Your Prayers


Prayer Ministry to pray for the lost -- Outreach

DOWNLOAD A Prayer Sheet

Do you want to Lead a Prayer Session using Scripture Prayers to ask God to work in hearts and to bless your Outreach?

The following Download Prayer Sheet will assist you
to lead a Prayer Session for Your Outreach that uses
Scripture-based Prayers --

This is a
one-page prayer to pray for those who will minister in the outreach

INTERCESSION prayer (to print on the other side) to pray for those who do not yet know Jesus as their Savior.

                            Sample at Right

This Download includes
a ReadMe First document with guidelines.

May your Place of Prayer Gatherings be Many,
bear Much Fruit, and be Blessed by God


You might also want to Download a short attractive ready to print Scripture-based Salvation prayer to give to those who do not yet know Jesus as their personal Savior

 Praying Through to God

Click to see it in Visual Online Format:

Praying Through to God

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