God is Ready to Answer Your Prayers


Many Exciting Ways to Use Scripture Prayer Book,
Praying Through the New Testament
"I urge, then, first of all, that REQUESTS, PRAYERS, INTERCESSION & THANKSGIVING
be made for everyone..." I Timothy 2:1


Your Own Prayer Time

The Scripture-based prayers in the book, Praying Through the New Testament, are laid out in side-by-side format. The left-side, REQUESTS, PRAYERS & THANKSGIVING, is to pray for yourself. This will also prepare your heart to intercede for others. The right-side of the book from the same portion of Scripture is INTERCESSION prayers to pray for others. Each paragraph prayer can be prayed for a different person.

Often I pray the Request prayers for myself, then pray the entire Intercession Page for one person (i.e., one of my children). Then I pray the next page for myself, then pray the entire Intercession Page for a different person (i.e., another one of my children, my husband, etc).

Pray these paragraph prayers for family, friends, neighbors, church members, missionaries, government leaders, business associates, and others.

The underlined (NEED / DESCRIPTION) on the INTERCESSION side, indicates the type of prayer that follows. Substitute a person's name with that need. As you intercede, choose the appropriate pronoun (i.e., he/she, him/her) for that person. At first, the composition may seem awkward, but soon you will hardly notice it.

Scripture reference for the prayer is indicated at the top of each page. You may want to read the portion, then pray.

Let the Lord minister to you. Pause to meditate and pray further as the Lord leads.

Praying with a Partner

Praying this way is a good way to pray with a friend, prayer partner or your spouse. Pray for yourselves; then for children, grandchildren, neighbors and more.

One of you prays (reads aloud) half of the REQUESTS, PRAYERS & THANKSGIVING prayers. Your partner prays (reads aloud) the other half. Or alternate praying the paragraph prayers. Follow with spontaneous prayers for yourselves. Pray the same way using the INTERCESSION prayers.

Some people may find this a good way to begin praying aloud, or to GROW IN PRAYER by praying God's word back to Him.

Scripture prayers can put into words the deep desires we have for the Lord, ourselves and for others.

Praying in a Group

Download the PDF-- Scripture Prayer HandOut, on the Download Page of our site. Each prayer page is different. One side of the prayer sheet is REQUESTS, PRAYERS & THANKSGIVING; the other side is INTERCESSION. Give a page to each person in your group. Each person prays (reads aloud) a paragraph prayer as he/she feels led.

This is one way to stay focused; and to pray for yourselves and for others. Some may find it a good way to begin praying out loud in a group. Finish with spontaneous prayers.

Planning Meetings, Elders' Meeting, and More

Pray this way in Elders' meetings, planning committees, or in other meetings using the Prayer HandOut. Pray with thanksgiving in your hearts and allow the Lord to minister to you and to others. Sing a Song to the Lord: (i.e., My Life is in You, Lord; Trust and Obey; Father, I Adore You).

Hold A Place of Prayer Gathering

Download the PDF-- Scripture HandOut, on the Download Page. Print as many copies as needed. One side of the prayer sheet is REQUESTS, PRAYERS & THANKSGIVING; the other side is INTERCESSION. Give a page to each person as they arrive. Follow guidelines in the ReadMe First document to hold a Place of Prayer Gathering: Declare God's Word. Pray God's Word. Sing God's Word. Expect great things from God.

Place Scripture-based prayers in Church Bulletin

(52 - one page Scripture prayers)

The church bulletin is an important communication tool. It can also be a way to encourage your entire congregation to pray. Many will pray as they wait for the service to begin, then take the bulletin home to pray during the week.

Download-- Church Bulletin Scripture Prayer Inserts. Follow guidelines in the ReadMe First document. Read more details in Place Scripture Prayers in the Church Bulletin No.1

Scripture Prayer for Salvation

The book also contains the prayer, Praying Through to God. This attractive Salvation Scripture prayer is available in leaflet form and can be Downloaded as a PDF-- ready to print and use in your next outreach.

PDF of this Outline available on Download Page

Similar to this Outline, PDF available on Download Page
to help people pray for Bible College Students


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